As part of a comprehensive local marketing strategy, Outside published a double truck, inside cover ad each month in the lifestyle magazine Local Life. The majority of these ads are created as part of a cooperative arrangement with the brand represented. I designed these ads following the respective brand style-lines, often using their photography, while still representing the Outside vibe. Below is a selection from the 30+ ads of this nature that ran. 

Shibumi Co-Op ad, 2020
This ad included producing a product photo shoot along with design.

Holiday 2020
This ad process included produced a lifestyle/fashion photo shoot, photo editing and design.

Ladies Night / Carve Co-Op, 2019
Designed using Carve brand style and photography selected from choices they provided.

Howler Brother's co-op, 2019
Designed using Howler's brand style and photography from their blog.

Patagonia co-op, 2019
Designed to Patagonia brand standards and using their commissioned photography.

Vote, 2020
This ad is created using a sourced photo from a local photographer.

Pedego co-op, 2020
This ad included directing the production an action photo shoot, photo editing and design.
It adheres to Pedego brand standards. 

Tax Free Sale, 2019
Photography, editing and design

New Year, 2021
For this ad I asked all of the staff to send me selfies, which I arranged in a grid reminiscent of a big zoom meeting
- a site that everyone was used to at this stage in the pandemic.

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