Site specific, temporary light installation for 'Whale Club' exhibition at The Good Supply in Pemaquid, ME. 
Old chandeliers, painting lights, LED lights, rope lights, fabric, extension cord, wool, thread, puff paint, fabric dye, hose, wire, pins, tule, paper, clothing, tape, emergency blankets, buoys, ropes, ribbon, t-shirt strips, insulation foam pieces, (sometimes) bubble machine
STOKE CHOKE - June 2022 (sold)
Foam top surfboard (discarded), fabric, wool, tubing, spray paint, acrylic paint, tape, ribbon, glass beads, gorilla glue, push pins, beach toys, plastic utensils.  
THE GROOVER - Summer 2022
Side table, paper lantern, foam, fabric, bucket, rope, electrical tape, light assembly, beads, paint pen, belt, wool, placemats. 
For Sale!
GIVING AND RECEIVING - October 2021 (sold)
Stretcher bars, a rug, canvas, beads, thread, acrylic paint, watercolor, ribbon, painted wood frame. SOLD
FRESH CATCH - November 2021 (sold)
Net from a soccer goal, discarded stretcher bars, aluminum cans, coffee bags, pet food bags, plastic bags, plastic bottles, wire, electrical tape, planter pot, painted wood frame. SOLD
Stretcher bars, a dive bag, canvas, acrylic, painted wood frame. 
For Sale!
THE PANTS PAINTING - December 2021
Discarded stretched wall art, a really big pair of pants, fabric cyanotype scraps, thread, rick rack, chains, jewelry pieces, belts, ink, painted wood frame. 
This piece is double sided and reversible on the wall, or it can stand on its own! 
For Sale!
A metal lounger structure, a 1920's slip, a 1950's dress, a valance, a tea towel, tights, ribbon, zipper, palm frond, fabrics, pom-pom trim, rope, net produce bags, bungie cord, belts. 
This piece can be hung on the wall in a multitude of different ways, vertical or horizontal, backwards or forwards, with the legs and backrests in different positions. It can also be free standing sculpture. 
For Sale!
Childs metal beach chair structure, beach bag, fabric, belts, a handbag, embroidery, wire, and wool. 
For Sale!
REFUGEE ALTAR - Spring 2022 (sold)
Double folding metal photo frame, photos from Soviet cook book, fabric, dictionary pages, twine, embroidery, mesh from a bag, lace, wood and wire. 
THE STORY OF RAYON - Spring 2022 (sold)
Photo frame, encyclopedia pages, tongue depressors, wool, rope, beads, marbles, ribbon and wood. 

CARNIVAL - Spring 2022
Old tv, awning from kids lemonade stand, fabric, belt, embroidery, acrylic paint, foam floor squares, reflective papers, lace, a skirt, ink, ribbon, brass rings, LED light.
REVOLUTION - Spring 2022
Wooden lazy susan, fisher price record player, human hair, awning from kids lemonade stand, belts, foam floor tiles, rhinestones, rope, ribbon, beads, pipe cleaner, acrylic and puff paint. Featured in Piccolo Spoleto Juried Show, Charleston, SC 2022. 
For Sale!
REAP - Spring 2022 (sold)
Wall clock, chain, fabric, electric cord, mesh, beads, paper and acrylic.

Wall shelf, picture frame, reflective paper, floor mat tiles, mesh, panty hose, embroidery, sweater, paper, wood, fabric.
For Sale!
PHOTOSYNTHESIS - Spring 2022 (sold)
Frame, wood, rope, mesh, handbag handle, paper, beads, embroidery.
THE SUN GOES DOWN FOR HOURS - Spring 2022 (sold)
Picture frame, produce mesh, paper, fabric, coral, strap from a life jacket, beads, wool, needlepoint, foam floor tiles.

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