The Good Supply is an art gallery and store in Pemaquid, Maine. The business is housed in an old post-and-beam barn on a road to a popular lighthouse. They stock and display over 100 different artists, the majority of whom are based in Maine.  I have contributed to the growth of the business over the last ten years through my work on their overall business strategies, branding, programming, illustration and design. 
For the tenth anniversary of The Good Supply, we conceptualized an event and show titled Whale Club. I facilitated the growth of this concept, designed and illustrated the promotional imagery and helped to design and execute the party itself. In addition, I was featured in the show with my sculpture 'It's Complicated (Between Us)"- a site specific, mixed-media light sculpture. 

Whale Club Invitation 2022

Whale Club invitation as printed on the antique press at Lincoln County News 2022

Whale Club Invite GIF for Social 2022

Whale Club Save the Date 2022
For this collateral, the two triangles at the top were cut off to make tiny flyers for the event. The remaining barn shape was folded at the center and taped in place, then addressed on the other side - a self-contained mailer!

Whale Club Breach the Beach Flyer 2022
As a lead up to the Whale Club event, the community was asked to collect marine litter that was later used by artist Cindy Pease Roe to create a 9' whale sculpture. 

Much of the branding strategy for The Good Supply celebrates its location and its barn. For holiday, we use the barn and landscape imagery in both print ads, on the website, in newsletters and on social media. 

Holiday in the Barn Print Ad for Lincoln County News 2017

Holiday Special Website and Email Banner 2017

Holiday in the Barn Print Ad for Lincoln County News 2017

Holiday in the Barn Print Ad for Lincoln County News 2017

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